Send Your Abstracts to



Guidelines for Abstract and Video Submission

  1. Abstracts are invited for paper and video presentations 
  2. All abstracts should reach us latest by 7th February, 2020. 
  3. Abstracts are to be sent at abstracts@geminstitute.in 
  4. The topics should be related to hernia which may be – ventral hernia, groin hernia, internal herniae, diaphragmatic etc..
  5. The paper and video presentation session will be on 6th March 2020 at 10.00 AM
  6. The selection of abstract for final presentation will be decided by the organizing committee. And their decision regarding this will be considered final.  
  7. For paper presentation – Abstracts should be under following headings – Background, material and methods, result, discussion and conclusion. Abstracts should be prepared in word format.
  8. For video presentation – Abstracts should be under following headings – Background, discussion and conclusion in word format. A video clip in MP4 format with audio narrarion is to be sent. The clip should not be more than 8 minutes duration

Paper presentation

1- The presentation can be made in PowerPoint or Keynote format depending on your preference and according to the topic.
2- The time allotted for the presentation is 8 minutes. You should finish your presentation in 8 minutes and leave two minutes for discussion. Please note that the screen will go blank after 10 minutes. Strict adherence to the time is mandatory.
3-  Presenters are advised to be in front row seats 10 minutes prior to their presentation to minimize the delay between presentations
4-  Best paper will be awarded with  ‘Art of Laparoscopy’  by Dr. C. Palanivelu (4 Volumes)

Video Presentation :

  1. Make presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote format.
  2. Keep a short speech (3-4 minutes) ready to go with your presentation at the time of evaluation. 
  3. The video should be in MP4 format
  4. Video duration – 8 minutes or less
  5. Video should have audio narration, otherwise, would be rejected.
  6. 2 minutes to be kept for discussion
  7. Best Video will be awarded with  ‘Art of Laparoscopy’  by Dr. C. Palanivelu (4 Volumes)